We care about what you heat with!
High-quality split firewood for heating. We supply ash, birch and oak firewood of natural moisture content or dried in drying room, moisture less than 25 %, loaded on wooden containers. Firewood may be packaged in bags of various sizes (30 l; 40 l; 60 l.), or cardboard boxes.

Possible length of billets – 25cm, 30cm or 33cm. Firewood of other specifications is made upon individual order.

Exterior dimensions of container are approximately 120 x 85 x 200cm (when the length of firewood is 25cm) and approximately 120 x 100 x 200cm (when the length of firewood is 30cm). Softwood is commonly used for production of pallets. Time-tested containers’ production model guarantees a safe and convenient transportation of firewood from our warehouse to end-user. Pallets may be lifted from all four sides. Upon individual agreement it is possible to cover firewood with polyethylene film, which protects from water and snow. It is a convenient solution for those, who store firewood outdoor.