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Sawdust briquettes
Sawdust briquettes are perfect for all solid fuel boilers and fireplaces. Briquettes are made from pure hardwood sawdust, according to German technology, using German equipment. This is environmentally friendly biofuel, which meets the standard DIN 51731. Briquettes are formed under high pressure without using any chemical additives and adhesives.

When comparing with raw wood fuel, briquettes have less moisture, their density is higher, therefore, they are characterized by higher calorific value. One tone of briquettes serves as 3,5 – 4 m3 of firewood (of 20% moisture content). Briquettes are made of such size and shape that it would be very convenient to store them.

Characteristics of briquettes:
   •  Moisture content 6,2 %;
   •  Ash content 1,1 %;
   •  Sulphur content at least 0,05 %;
   •  Calorific value 18897 kJ/kg.

Dimensions of briquette:
   •  155mm х 65mm х (75 ÷100mm)

   •  polyethylene bags of 10 kg ± 3%

It is loaded on the pallet:
   •  96 bags – 1000 kg;
   •  105 bags - 1100 kg;
   •  Different package and loading on pallets is possible
upon customer’s request.